February 24, 2016

Young Friends: 'Tavern Talks'

How many different ways can you say inebriated?Bowz'd, Drunk as a Wheel-Barrow, Buzzey, Got a Brass Eye, Fuzl'd, Booz'd the Gage, As Dizzy as a... More

December 29, 2015

Revolution Society

Become a Charter MemberThe Revolution Society honors distinguished, modern-day patriots who are the Museum of the American Revolution... More


  • 18 h
    Looking forward to this performance! WATCH: 'Hamilton' cast member sings with CAPA students t.co/TKR68inBvg via @phillydotcom
  • 22 h
    #OTD in 1775-P. Henry proclaims "I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death." #HowRevolutionary
  • MAR 22
    @drDannaB tickets to the opening ceremony on Apr-19 are only available via an online contest starting April 3. See our website for more info

Tunes from Owen Madden's Music Book

We enlisted our summer intern Matt Skic to play some of the tunes from Revolutionary War soldier and fifer Owen Madden's music book, a new object in the Museum's collection. Take a listen! More